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Introduction The steel plastic composite Geogrid uses high tensile steel wire (or other fiber) specially handled and polyethylene (P.E) with other assistants.then squeeze it out and make it become composite high-strength anti-pull belt and surface has rough embossing. Then it is reinforcement earthwork belt.Warp knitting vertically and horizontally using this single belt and welding the joint using a special welding technology to molding is reinforcement geogrid. Performance high tensile strength and low creep deformation. Improving bearing capacity of road bed. Anti-corrosion and extending the project life. Shortening construction period reducing cost. Application Reinforce for soft bed retaining wall and road cracking project road in the railway, high way.bridge, dam, deck landfill and so on. Technical data High-strength steel plastic uniaxial(Vertical) geogrid Technical data High-strength steel plastic uniaxial(vertical) geogrid Project GSZ30 GSZ50 GSZ80 GSZ100 GSZ120 GSZ150 Vertical ultimate tension (KN/m)¨R 30 50 80 100 120 150 Vertical ultimate elongation(%)¨Q 3 3 3 3 3 3 Tension at 1% elongation(KN/m)¨R 23 38 63 81 98 125 Width(m) 6.00+0.06 Length (m) 50 High-strength steel plastic biaxial(vertical and horizonal) geogrid Project GSZ 30-30 GSZ 45-45 GSZ 60-60 GSZ 80-80 GSZ 100-100 GSZ 120-120 Biaxial ultimate tension (KN/m)¨R 30 45 60 80 120 120 Biaxial ultimate elongation(%)¨Q 3 3 3 3 3 3 Tension at 1% elongation(KN/m)¨R 23 36 48 63 81 98 Width(m) 6.00+0.06 Length (m) 50 Question£¿ Call:0086-318-7526186 or 0086-13832119510 Emial: If you are interested in our products. Contact me. I will supply the best products and service for you. Looking forward to your reply William liu