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Heavy Expanded Metal

Heavy type expanded metal of Arch is chiefly for reinforcement materials or steel gratings in construction.
Made through expanding and punching, expanded metal is very economic due to the simple processing. Mainly applied as platforms and stair treads for constructions, vessels, bridges and boilers. Also used as reinforcement for light construction materials and concrete pouring, radiator grills on all types of vehicles and air-compressors, safety guards for gear-drive equipment on various kinds of machines. Expanded metal can be further processed into metal lath, angle bead and stop bead for construction.

Technical Info from Arch

1. Made through expanding and punching, expanded metal is very economic due to the simple processing.
2. In case of vinyl coating, it can be produced into different colors.
3. With different sheet thickness and opening, we can offer various sizes of expanded mesh.


Arch offers expanded metals made in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Iron. Uses in industrial plants, as fencing or reinforcing materials in floors, inclines, closings, pallets, stairs, etc.
Expanded metal is similar to perforated metal, but it has been cut, rather than punched, and stretched into a shaped framework. Materials out of which expanded metal is made include sheets of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, tin, copper and plastic. Flattened expanded metal has been cold rolled to reduce thickness and increase surface smoothness. Using expanded metal is an ecologically-minded approach, as it is elaborated from discarded raw material. Expanded metal is basically transparent, has high resistance and excellent mechanical properties and is an excellent conductor. It can be made out of non-metal products such as plastic, which then makes it an insulator.