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Five Heddle Wire Mesh Filter Belt

Five Heddle Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Filter Belt

Five heddle weave wire mesh makes ideal filter belt in pressure and vacuum filter uses. This type of stainless steel filter ribbon offers high flow rates and accurate filtration.

Forms of Supply: In the form of cut mesh pieces filter ribbons or filter elements.

Materials: Stainless steel wire of SUS304,SUS304L,SUS316,SUS316L,etc.

Features: Five heddle weave wire mesh offers high flow rates and it is suitable for high mechanical loads, featuring a highly structured mesh surface. Five heddle weave wire cloth provides a rectangular opening. The unique design of this mesh can assist increased drainage and flow properties.

Surface: smooth surface on the side.

Uses: Five heddle weave ss mesh cloth is popular in the applications industry pressure and vacuum filters as well as filter candles, centrifuges, dewatering sieves and distillation cylinders.

Five Heddle Weave Wire Mesh, Filter Grade Specification

Five Heddle Weave Wire Cloth Specification
Meshes per inch 
Warp x Weft(mesh)
Wire Diameter (mm) Aperture (mm)
Warp x Weft
Open Area % Weight (kg/m2)
108 X 59 0.160 0.075 X 0.271 20 1.07
110 X 60 0.160 0.071 X 0.263 19 1.09
38 X 38 0.150 0.518 X 0.518 60 0.43