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Cone Type Stainless Steel Mesh Coffee Filters

SUS304 and SUS316 Mesh Coffee Filter Cones are designed and manufactured at demand of the new trend in manual coffee brewing. The stainless steel pour over coffee dripper enables brewing delicious coffee with various coffee makers. Our reusable coffee brewing filter element is made with fine stainless steel mesh as filter media. Classical V-shaped filter design allows extraction of coffee evenly and a stable flow. A variety of sizes and patterns offered to fit different Coffee Brewing Systems.

Why Stainless Steel Coffee Filter? 

Resuable Stainless Steel Coffee Filter makes an Ideal Substitute for Disposable Paper Filter:

Stainless Steel Coffee Filters have a double layer filter media composition: Woven wire cloth inside, and a precision etched or perforated screen outside. Twill Woven Stainless Steel Mesh can filter out the finest grinds without causing any clogging. With support of etched laser cut screen, this kind of double layer filter ensures both fine filtration and solid structure against pouring over of hot water and coffee. Because of the corrosion resisting stainless steel used, it can be reused for a very long time. Also, Stainless steel filter allows for more oils and a fuller bodied coffee than paper.

Paper Coffee Filter, comparatively, is disposable, wasteful, and the paper material holds certain oils in brewing coffee and affect the coffee flavor to a extent.

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Filter Mesh Layers:

100% paperless, wholely durable stainless steel.
Stainless steel 304;
Stainless steel 316.

Filter Shapes:
Conical / V Shaped;
Basket, optional.

Mesh Types:
Inner: Stainless steel mesh, plain or twill weave;
Outer: Perforated stainless steel or etched metal screen.

Photo Description: V Shaped Coffee Dripper, Mesh Filter, Material: BPA Free 304 Stainless Steel, Shape: Cone, Inner Layer: fine ss mesh woven, Outer layer: stainless steel micron round hole cover.

Fine Mesh Cloth Materials

300 Mesh Twill Woven Fine Filter Mesh
304 Filter Mesh for Cone Coffe Filter Strainer, 300 Mesh, Square Hole Wire Mesh, inner filter cloth to filter particles of coffee powder residue.

100% stainless steel; 
Corrosion resistance; 
Acid and alkali resisitance;
Fine mesh prevents sediment; 
Easy to clean; 
Easy to use and install;
Fits most standard coffee mugs;
Won't stain or transfer flavors;
Dishwasher safe;
A variety of designs to fit coffee maker;
Double layer or single layer options;
More environmentally friendly.

Pour Over Coffee Brewing Filter Strainer


Coffee Filter for 6, 8 and 10 Cups Coffee Makers
Drip Cone Coffee Filter Elements for Pour Over Coffee Brewer, Material: Stainless Steel, Color: Natural Silver, Shape: V shape, for standard 6,8 and 10 cup Coffee Makers. Size: 145mm, 125mm, 115mm, 99mm, 88mm. 


Outer Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter(mm) Height (mm) Base Diameter(mm) Mesh Number
145 128 100 115 300
125 110 100 105 600
115 95 95 100 300
99 83 68 83 300
88 72 110 100 300
113 100 80 100 300

Mason Jar Coffee Dripper



304 and 316 SS Resuable Double Filter with Center Drip
Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer Dripper, fits Mason Jars

Common Sizes:
Height: 6cm; Out diameter: 10.2cm; Fold Edge Width: 1cm; Bottom Diameter: 2cm
Height:8.6cm; Out diameter: 12cm; Fold Edge Width: 1cm; Bottom Diameter: 2.8cm
Inner Mesh: 250mesh, 300mesh, 350mesh or custom.


Outer Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Stand Base (mm) Mesh Number
145 128 100 105 300
125 110 100 105 600
120 110 100 105 600
99 83 68 105 300
113 100 80 105 300

Cone Shape Mesh Filters


Cone Drip Coffee Filter, Single Coffee Dripper
Conical Mesh Strainer. Color: Nature color. Size can be customized.


Outer Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Mesh  Number
145 128 100 300
125 110 100 600
115 95 95 300
99 83 68 300
88 72 110 300
113 100 80 300
99 90 85

Honeycomb Outside Layer Designs

Resuable Pour Over Stainless Steel Coffee Filter with Honeycomb Design
Honeycombed Coffee Drip Strainer, Reusable, with rolled and folded edges at the base

Folded Edge Designs 
We offer coffee filter with folded circular rim design to create a stable base.