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Weaving Looms of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Arch supplies machines for making of woven stainless steel wire meshes, mainly classified into two types: wire mesh looms for weaving fine mesh and coarse mesh. The fine ss wire mesh ranges from 30mesh to 400 mesh or more, mainly filter grade micron wire cloth. The coarse mesh weaving machine is mainly used for the square hole industrial grade stainless wire mesh for sieves or window screens.
Filter Grade Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Weaving Machines:

AR-30-400-2800 30-400 Mesh Shuttleless Weaving Machine

Stainless Steel Filter Grade Micron Wire Mesh Looms

Main Parameter

I. Width of fabric: max.1600mm

II. SS Mesh Courts:

30-400mesh(square holes gauge) - 2800 mesh (special gauge, special holes)

III. Crank shaft rotating speed: 72 rpm

IV. Power of motor: 4 KW

Rotating speed of motor: 1420 rpm

V. Total weight: 3200 kgs

VI. Total measurement: 2930 x 3150 x 1270mm

AR-1600B 40-350 Mesh Shuttleless SS Wire Mesh Weaving Machine 

Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Weaving Machine: 40-350 Mesh

Main Parameter for SS Wire Mesh Weaving Machine:

Scope of weaving: max.1600mm
Scope of mesh counts:
Square holes range: mesh 10-100/inch
Special mesh: mesh 40-350/inch
Crank shaft rotating speed: 53 r/m
Power of motor: 4 KW
Total weight: 6155 kgs
Total measurement: 2569 x 3535 x 1849mm

Square Opening Stainless Coarse Mesh Weaving Machine

This type of weaving loom is for weaving of stainless steel square hole mesh industrial grade.

Coarse Mesh for Insect Screening Weaving Machine

The type shuttleless weaving selvage machine is one of the type of insect mesh weaving machines and it is a light duty mesh weaving machine. The machine can be utilized for weaving selvage insect mesh. The machine is of simple and rational construction. It performs satisfactorily and runs smoothly. The machine has been exported to Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia and other parts of the world, and won the high appraise from customers. The insect mesh weaving machine is available to weave from stainless steel mesh 8 to mesh 24. Three types of roll width available: 1.00m, 1.22m, 1.52m.

Stainless Steel Square Mesh Weaving Machine

Suitable for weaving of square hole mesh in stainless steel, galvanized steel and other metals.

Weaving machine for mesh 2.5-40mesh, industrial mining sieve uses

Major Parameter

Motor Power JQ-31-6 2.2-4KW
Speed of main axle 32.8 r/min
Speed of crank 65.5 r/min
Shuttle 240mm
Pitch 110mm
Breadth 1m-2m
Mesh 25.8-40mesh/inch
Wire diameter 16-19-34gauge
(Length x breadth x height) (3830) x 2830 x 2200 x 1600mm
Weight 2.5-4ton