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Shale Shaker Screen

Shale Shaker Screen products include steel frame shale shaker screen, vibrating screen, pre-tensioned screen, waved shale shakers screen, hook strip flat/soft screen, oil field quarry screen and so on!

Shale Shaker Screen Composition and Structure:

We can provide shale shaker screens made with different specification and types. The shaker screen is composed with a composite structure of metal plate and mesh fabric. The steel plates are 1.5mm or 2.0mm thickness with supporting effect. The metal screens we use include stainless steel wire mesh and polyester fabrics. The stainless steel screen adopts SUS302, 304L, 316, 316L wire weaving or processing according to the customers' requests filtration precision. We choose different wire diameters screen with different meshes matching with each other in reasonably accurate way.

Pyramid shaped wave wire screens are one type of hot sold shale shaker screen products.

Shale Shaker Screen, Pyramid screens

Pyramid type wave shaker screen has waved surface and it is the replacement products of flat screens. The effective area is 125% to 150% of the flat screens. Without changing the construction of shakers, the using of the pyramid screens can improve the quality of drilling fluid and increase the production. We can supply pyramid screens with mesh sizes ranging from 60 to 250.