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Hook Strip Flat Screen Panels

Hook Strip Flat Screen Panels is wire mesh components for shale shakers equipment.

Hook Strip Flat Screen Panels are widely used than hook strip soft screen panels at present. These products can be fit for all kinds of shale shakers that use the hookstrip flat screen. This screen panel is constructed with two or three stainless steel layers bonded to a steel support plank. The mesh is mainly crimped screen. Accessary rubber plugs may be inserted to the rips or tears of the screen. By doing this, we can cut down time and the production cost. We can supply hookstrip flat screens with mesh sizes ranging from 12 to 275.

Hook Strip Flat Screen Panels Features:

  1. Different layers with different density. To arrange these layers reasonably and exactly, the screening effect will become more and better. Screen with different mesh counts with suitable opening sizes of the backing plate. Doing so, our products will obtain the largest effective area under the condition of enough strength.
  2. The bottom layer with low mesh counts has coarse wire and can be tight bonded to the backing to make up one block. So the strength of whole screen mesh get up and the useful life is increased.
  3. The mesh, divided into many independent small units by grids of the backing plate, can prevent rigs of tears from spreading overmuch. Accessory prepared rubber stoppers can be used to repair damages. By doing so, the operator can cut down the stop time and reduce the cost.

Hook Strip Flat Screen Characteristics

  • last longer, handle higher flow rates, resist blinding
  • single, double, and triple layer screens available
  • improved penetration rates, increased shaker capacity

Hooked crimped mesh screen flat panel makes the ideal equipment accessories of drilling fluid shale shaker, widely used in drilling operations under different conditions.